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VASTU means the civil structure like home, office, shops, school, auditorium, playground, colony, city and factory. The places where we live or perform our very important activity are need to be designed in such a way where positive energies always attract and blessing of God flow in the environment. This is must that the place attract fresh air and natural light best as per availability. Vastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the energies of human and the material.

The concept of Vastushashtra is introduced by great RISHI Vashishtha in his book vashishtha samhita. Since his time in India the importance of vastu shashtra is accepted. Now we have lot examples where due to bad vastu design vanish of kingdoms and due to good design development like king. A very tested example is there if in any house where is toilet in north-east corner. The people living is this house never will be happy or having no all round progress.

If you are at planning stage for new house, shop, offices, factory or any building Or if you have finding hindrance in any kind of progress and not having happy family environment, best you contact US. We will help you to prepare map according to vastu concepts, lucky colors scheme according to your birth chart, entry of drinking water and suggest where you have to leave empty places. If already built and life is going fine need not to consult anyone but if there is any problem feel free to contact us. We will provide you many ready made solutions without dismantling anything. For our consultancy you have to take following steps :

1. Send us the map of your house of building showing activity of each room, direction east-west-south-north, color scheme if finalized, details of road, pipeline of wastage water and drinking water. If there is any temple, tree like pipal or watery nature or tank of wastage water within 50 meter of area please mention location of that also.

2. You can chat or talk by telephone for talking our consultancy. For that you have to click on chat box available at home page. When you see there Live web chat with our astrologer`s you click on that and follow the instructions otherwise you may mail us by using same utility.

3. If you want our advise by mail then you may mail us at following email ID`s





4. We need following informations : These all information’s are optional but if you provide the details of owner of that building then this will be help us for better design.

  •   Date of birth

  •   Time of Birth

  •   Place of birth

  •   Full name

  •   Male or Female

  •   Questions

  •   Your email ID

  •   Alternate email ID


If you want our visit then you have to provide us travel and stay arrangement on your own expenses.