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You are welcome to the world of astrology. Astrology is a tool for finding the best life-path. Now-a-days, the subject of astrology is expanding very fast. It is easy to find astrologers on TV, in newspapers, and on the internet. Because of the easy-access and expansion of astrology, it is important to use caution when consulting any astrologer. This is because, due to the popularity of the subject, the chances of running in to false or misleading consultation is greater. While seeking the help of an astrologer, one has several thoughts about his or her future and one does follow the astrologer`s guidance for a better life. Any misleading or inaccurate consultation from an inexperienced astrologer and the remedies suggested by him may further jeopardize one`s future. So, to protect oneself from such inexperienced astrologers, and to ensure improvement of life, it is advisable to do some homework before going for astrological consultation. The following are some tips to consider before taking astrological consultation:


1. First, think with a cool mind whether or not you really need astrological help. Never treat astrology lightly, and never just casually talk with an astrologer. This is because everything in this world survives in an energy domain. Energies have a tendency to change their form with external influences. The astrologer will try to help you by revealing your destiny and he will enter into your future. So, the astrologer`s energies will make an impact on your natural energy. If you are in need of astrological help, then this is good. But if you are not in need, but just idly visiting the astrologer, then this can be bad. Think of it this way: would you go to a doctor and take medicine if you were not sick? If you are sick and go to the doctor and take his medicine then this will help you. But if you are not really sick, then going to the doctor and taking medicine will not be good for you. The same applies to consulting with an astrologer. Ultimately, fine-tuning and matching is a must between you and the astrologer. So try to find one good astrologer who best suits your needs, and stick with that astrologer rather than frequently changing astrologers. Again, it is like having a family doctor who knows ins and outs of your health and his opinion is most valuable in case of a complex situation or emergency, similarly, your personal astrologers knows your life and may help in a better way. Too many visits means a loss of time, money, and destiny.


2. Check the astrologer`s experience, feedback, and education. These are crucial to making a good decision on which astrologer to consult. If the astrologer does not appear very educated or experience, you should think twice before seeking his help, and certainly if the astrologer doesn`t have good reviews, that is a red flag.


3. Find out the astrologer`s prediction method. Vedic astrologers need your exact birth details--date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth, along with your full name. If you are seeing a palmist, wash your hands and make sure they are very clean. If you are contacting the palmist through internet or phone, then you must provide pictures of your hand and palm. Numerologists need your correct date of birth and names of everyone known to you. For better accuracy, you may provide the numerologist your time of birth as well. Vastu experts require a map of the area you are needing the advice for, such as office, factory or home, with clear details of the area and directions marked. Also include the surroundings of the area such as roads, drainage lines, drinking water sources, and all other installations around the area. For Prashna Tantra (question based predictions) , try to use small and clear-cut questions. Ask only one question at a time. It is best if the questions are direct enough, where they can be answered with a simple yes or no.


4. Now prepare a list of questions for the astrologer to answer.


5.Feel free to ask any query in your mind, even if it is a doubt on the advice given. It is acceptable to ask the basis and reasons for the answers you are given. It is important to ask these questions so that a good trust and rapport is developed between you and your astrologer. It is never good to trust your astrologer blindly.


6.When a good trust and rapport has developed, you should follow your astrologer`s instruction with 100% trust, just as with a doctor it is important to discuss the expected outcomes of the remedies.