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Numerology express a great details about a person’s life path, character, materialistic and spiritual development in life, career, romantic characteristics, health, destiny and talent. By using Numerology techniques it is possible to determine the best time for major activity of life.

Today’s numerology is developed by the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (569 to 470 BC). The origins of numerology are believed to have originated from Chalendean system. The Chaledean system have its roots in Babylon, which have its roots in Vedic system of India and Kabbalah system of ancient Hebrew mystics. Thousands year ago, early civilization in Egypt and Babylon both recognized the power of number. This is established in very early age of civilization that every number have some vibrations which related to our life. Since our birth we have numbers in form of our birth date. Our names are also a very Important tool for Numerology experts. Each letters has a numeric value or frequency that relates to its vibrations. The sum of numbers in our birth date and sum of value derived from letters in our name provide a road map of vibrations. This very wrong concept that numerology don’t need time of birth and place of birth. These both information’s are required to find more accurate and detailed readings. We are giving a key feature of numbers below :

1 (ONE) : Planet name SUN. There is bright light and dominating behave is main vibration of this number. Few key features of this number is following:

Originality, Independence, Initiative, Determination, Direction, Adventure, Individuality.

2 (TWO) : Planet name MOON. It`s core vibrations are Peacemaking, creating friendship and cool and calm response. It holds the key qualities as:

Diplomacy, Mediation, Intuition, Caution, Kindness, Sensitivity, Cooperation, Emotion.

3 (THREE) : Planet name JUPITER. The subject began to express with great creativity. The principles quality of the number three are:

Enthusiasm, Inspiration, Imagination, Words Vision, Optimism, Pleasure, Creativity, Ease, Happiness, Animation, Artistic.

4(FOUR) : Planet name RAHU. Great achievements have been accomplished from the qualities of the four, which include:

Concentration, Management, Application, Conservation, Dedication, Efficiency, Organization, follow-through.

5 (FIVE) : Planet name MERCURY. With the energy behind the five, we promote new ideas and undertakings. Rewards are to be realized through such qualities as:

Expansiveness, Invention, Promotion, Variety, Adventure, Flexibility, Movement, change.

6 (SIX) : Planet name VENUS. The six vibration brings with it the responsibility to restore humanity and remind all of us of the treasures within life. As six energy moves about in the world it embraces qualities such as:

Beauty, Creativity, Domesticity, Healing, Morality, Passion, Harmony, Trust Serving.

< system have its roots in Babylo (SEVEN) : Planet name KETU. The quest for wisdom and knowledge begins. Eager to make sense of it all, the qualities of the seven are:

Analysis, Research, Calculation, Understanding, Perfection, Intuition, Investigation, Vision.

8 (EIGHT) : Planet name SATURN. The Heaven discovered but how do we bring it on the earth? There is power behind manifestation and we want to do what it takes to attain what we want. The vibration of eight is for managing and supervising the sense of judgment. Main quality of this vibration is:

Power, Authority, Capability, Organization, Efficiency, Skill, Hard Work

9 (NINE) : Planet name MARS. The nine holds the vibration of universal love. It teaches us how to accept each other. By having such a vast overview, the nine becomes a bridge to many qualities like:

Creativity, Intuition, Philanthropy, Emotion, Generosity, Devotion, Dedication, Imagination

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