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01   NANO CLASSIC (SQUARE) 1.5*1.5*0.5 Rs. 300/$12
  • 2 Lacs Bovis Units
  • Energizes 100 SQ.FT
  • Equals 10 MKT Pyramids
  • It is a sure-shot & quick fix vaastu solution.
02   NANO (DELUXE) 2*2*0.5 Rs. 360/$15
  • 2.25 Lacs Bovis Units
  • Energizes 150. SQ.FT.
  • Equals To 12MKT.Pyramids
  • A unique vaastu correction tool for home, shop, office, factory.
03   SUPER NANO (WAFER) 2*2*1 Rs. 999/$40
  • Energizes 1000 SQ.FT.
  • Equals To 20 MKT. Pyramids.
  • It removes negative radiations of mobile, t.v, computer and other gadgets
04   SUPER NANO (CLASSIC) 2.5*2.5 Rs. 450/$18
  • Best for Personal Use.
  • Ideal for Brahmasthan Of the Room.
  • Super-charger for 63 billion human body cells - energizes up to DNA level.
  • Keep below the Pillow/Bed
05   SUPER NANO (DOUBLE-DECKER) 2.5*2.5 Rs. 540/$22
  • Best For Cash-Counter, Safe & For Imp.Documents & Articles.
06   POCKET SUPER NANO (WAFER) 2.5*2.5 Rs. 495/$18
  • Charges 63 Billion Body Cells.
  • Protects From Radiations & Other Negative Energies
  • It boosts merits and busts evil, so effortlessly.
07   SWASTIK SUPER NANO 2.5*2.5 Rs. 600/$25
  • Dual SWASTIK -Square & Circular.
  • It Is Very Powerful Swastik Yantra.
  • Ideal For Main Doors, Temple, Shops,, Offices etc.
08   AUM SUPER NANO 2.5*2.5 Rs. 600/$25
  • It Is Very Pious & Powerful Yantra.
  • Evil-Protector.
09   TRISHUL SUPER NANO 2.5*2.5 Rs. 600/$25
  • All round Performance
  • Combo power of trishul & pyramids.
10   SURYA SUPER NANO 2.5*2.5 Rs. 600/$25
  • Cosmic Charger
  • Recommended For Premises Where Direct Sunlight is Absent
11   YIN-YANG SUPER NANO 2.5*2.5 Rs. 600/$25
  • Super-Charger
  • Strong Vibrations
  • Feng-Shui Application
12   GANESH SUPER NANO 2.5*2.5 Rs. 600/$25
  • Worship & Cosmic-Charger.
  • Ideal For Main-Door & Subsidiary Doors
13   MICRO PYRAMID (PENDANT) 1.25*1.25 Rs. 99/$4
  • Body-Charging.
  • Best Protector.
  • Wear it as a pendent, bracelet or head-band.
  • Append it to PC, laptop and other gadgets.
  • Attach it to important files & documents.
  • Use it as a key-chain or chime in the house
14   PYRAMID POWER PLATE (FOR BED) 5*5*0.75 Rs. 1250/$50
  • Ideal For Dream Sleep
  • With The Usage Of 9 PPP.
  • Body Cell-DNA Charger.
  • Put your favorite wish under it and see it manifested in your life.
15   PYRAMID POWER FRAME 5*5*0.75 Rs. 1350/$54
  • Supercharge any place, object or person most economically.
  • Wall-Mounting.
  • Boost your productivity, sales & profit
16   FRAME PYRAMID (WITH SRI-YANTRA) 5*5*0.75 Rs. 1800/$72
  • Pyramidial power & Sri yantra combination For divine Super-Charging.
  • Wall-Mounting.
  • Boost Vastu power
17   FRAME PYRAMID (WITH BISHA YANTRA) 5*5*0.75 Rs. 1800/$72
  • Pyramidial power and Bisha yantra combination for Divine Super charging
  • Wall-Mounting.
  • Boost Vastu power
18   PYRAMID SWASTIK 12*12*0.75 Rs. 1800/$72
  • Swastik Of 17 Mini Nano.Power Generator.
  • Holy power of Swastik symbol coupled with cosmic power of Pyramid.
  • Swastik symbol makes the things plus, positive & prosperous in our life
19   TATHASTU PYRAMID GOLD 5.5*5.5*3.25 Rs. 2700/$108
  • Energizes 10,000 SQ.FT.
  • Equivalent To 45 MKT. Pyramids
  • Anti-radiative.
  • This pyramid works on the Principle of vertical, horizontal & circular integration of energy.
20   TATHASTU PYRAMID SILVER (ADVANCED) 5.5*5.5*3.25 Rs. 3600/$144
  • High cosmic energy absorption, high internal micro-processing, energy multiplication and high energy exploration.
  • Fulfills dreams /desires /wishes /inner self.
  • Harmonizes love/family life & relations
21   TATHASTU PYRAMID COPPER 5.5*5.5*3.25 Rs. 2700/$108
  • Super Positive transformation /life-force /fortune /performance.
22   COMMANDO 13*13 (BASE) 10 (HEIGHT) Rs. 9990/$400
  • Energizes Big Plots Of Area 1,00,000.SQ.FT.
  • Fitted with a Tathastu Pyramid inside, along with 36 powerful crystal beads at the base.
  • High cosmic energy absorption, high internal sub-atomic processing & all-round multiplication.
  • Powerful & proven, instant & peak performance for all types of vaastu & problems.
23   BLASTER PYRAMID 6*6*6 Rs. 7200/$300
  • Energizes Big Plots Of Area Upto 50,000 SQ.FT.
  • Ideal as a wish-pyramid, tele therapy pyramid , table pyramid & multi-purpose applications.
24   PYRAMID POWER SEAT 18*18*0.5 Rs. 1800/$72
  • For Meditation, Devotion, Study & General Application
25   PYRAMID HAWAN 8.5*8.5*2.75 Rs. 2430/$101
  • Creates Positive Atmosphere By Removing Negativity And Balances The Vastu Energy.
  • A Must For Daily Application At Brahmasthan.
  • Creates & Enhances The Positive Power For Better Results.
  • Environmental purifier
26   SWASTIK MED. 5*5*0.5 Rs. 630/$25
  • Swastik Of 81 Mini Pyramids
  • Auspicious For Main Door & Domestic Temple
27   CAR GANPATI 2.5*2.5*1.5 Rs. 630/$25
  • Auspicious Pyramidial Power which protects the vehicle from negative forces.


  • This is good practice to keep pyramids in the home a Decorative piece. It will be always positive for you.
  • You can put pyramid anywhere in the home/office/factory and Shop etc. Only precaution is must that the place should be clean and better avoid locations near to toilet and waste collection.
  • Your faith and connection with pyramid is main channel to flow positive energy in your home so install in pyramids in your home with 100% faith and assurance in mind and heart that this is going to change your life. If you have full faith then no one can stop the positive effects of pyramids.
  • Pyramids are tools to attract the positive energies and remove negativity in the environment.
  • All pyramids are not suitable to everyone. There should be a excellent balance and communication between the energy or required location, energy of your Jeeva(personality) and selected pyramid for best results.
  • This is recommended to that get energised the pyramids by mantra and then install with proper procedure for best results. For energisation there are required one day for Nano Pyramids, 7 days required for blaster, commando and tathastu pyramids and for other pyramids three days required. The energisation fee will for one Nano Rs. 151/$5, for blaster, commando and tathastu Rs. 1100/$31 and for blaster, commando and tathastu Rs. 501/$11. If wanted to get installed by Pandit Jee at your location then travel and stay expenditure will be additional to this.
  • We are not manufacturer of these pyramid but we have tested it by classics and practical. It is found that these pyramids are working good. If not satisfied with performance of Pyramid your may send us back and your money will be refunded after deduction of sending expanses.
  • Subject to Indore and Mumbai jurisdiction.
  • All nano products( code no.01 to code no.13) can be mounted on walls, Car, Shop, cabin, Cash counter, ceilings, beneath the floor & even kept loose & hidden.
  • Please allow minimum 7days for India and 15Days for abroad to send the Item.
  • For option of payments please click on button given below.